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ES6 - episode 2


Source for this cast:

Google traceur transpiler:

Good and up to date ES6 code samples:

A compatibility table for ES6 features:

Thanks to:

  • Peter Cooper for all your good advice and generous sharing. Also for keeping people like me up to date with what's happening out there with your amazing newsletters and twitter feeds!
  • Addy Osmani for retweeting ES6 episode 1 to your extremely deep and powerful twitter following :) Also for spearheading yeoman and keeping us up to date with all the happenings on the bleeding edge of web development.
  • Last but not least, Rick Waldron for 'barraging' me with DMs and giving me a priceless view of the ES6 lay of the land. Hope I don't disappoint, and if there's anything wrong I'll fix it ;)