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I'm Hendrik, a full-stack consultant with expertise in React, Angular, NodeJS, MongoDB, and overall architecture. Please have a look at my courses on!

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I've been coding for a long time with various languages. I've done a lot of .net coding and dabbled with ruby, objective-c, php, and python. Throughout the years the one common thread was JavaScript, and I've always enjoyed working with it. More so these days :)

I started tagtree because I needed a creative outlet and wanted to see whether I can generate extra income by doing screencasts. Turns out I couldn't! But I'm still doing it, because I enjoy it, and people seem to enjoy it.. albeit for free :)

My day job is with 22seven based in the Cape Town area in South Africa. I am grateful for my role at 22seven which allows me to play around with cool tech to solve interesting problems.

At night I contribute to this site, and also author courses for, mostly on React so far.